Premium Desire

Enjoy our spa (pool + jacuzzi + turkish baths) in plain privacy, adding a hint of our peculiar massages.

Option: 1 or 2 Therapists
Duration: 60 mins.


Desire Body to Body

If you are looking for a self fulfilling satisfactory moment this is the ideal massage for you. Performed in a naturalistic way, body to body to stimulate the skin and muscular tissue it awakens the most sensitive parts of your body having the natural curves of the human body as tools

Option: Add Lingam/Yoni massage (30 mins more).
Duration: 60 mins.

Tantric Massage

Full body massage. It refines the libido through slow and gentle touch. Awaken your vital energy through this millennial technique searching for ascension to Kundalini. Feel inexplicable sensations from your basic chakra (pelvic) to the depts of your brain. A unique moment to balance your sexuality.

Option: 1 or 2 therapists
Duration: 60 mins.

Lingam/Yoni Massage

Get to know your orgasmic potencial liberating tension from your abdominal and pelvic area. With therapeutical purposes, and with sexual transformation, this massage offers fundamental results for the improvement of your intimate life.

Option: 1 to 2 therapists
Duration: 30 mins.

4 Hand Massage

This is a massage that involves boundless sensations. Performed by 2 therapists simultaneously, running through your body. In an erotic and soothing environment you will want more than an hour.

Duration: 60 mins.

Desire Turkish Bath and Massage

In want for more than a massage? This is a package that includes Tantric Massage and Erotic Turkish Bath.

Duration: 90 mins.

Tantric Couple

Excellent massage for long term couples who would like to explore new experiences. This is an aphrodisiac option aimed at increasing personal and sexual confidence for both parties. There will be 2 therapists available for this service.

Offer: Bottle of sparkling wine or wine and chocolates at the beginning of the session. Ending the moment with a hot tea.

Option: Add Lingam/Yoni massage (30mins. more).
Duration: 60 mins.

Relaxation Massage

Finish your stressful days with a full body massage, relieving muscle tension and discomfort. Ideal for those who want to tranquilize the mind and body.

Duration: 40 mins.

Prostatic Massage

Consists of the stimulation of the sensitive prostate gland. Explore one of your lesser known erogenous zones. It is performed with two hands or with the aid of specific stimulation equipment.

Option: 1 to 2 therapists
Duration: 40 mins.
Additional information: This massage requires client presence 30 mins before at the SPA.

Topless Desire

Full body massage with hot oil for relaxion with the particularity of having 1 topless therapist.

Option: Add Lingam/Yoni massage (30mins. more).
Duration: 60 mins.

Sports Massage

Suitable for athletes or people who perform regular physical activity.

Additional information: Allows appointments before sporting events, maintenance preventing injuries and for follow-up / treatment.

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy a moment of deep comfort with the use of heated volcanic stones during the massage.

Duration: 50 mins.

Massage Add-ons

Desire Vichy Shower

Of French origin, it is a “rain shower” at a temperature of approximately 38 degrees. Spend a comfortable time with a relaxing erotic massage and sensual exfoliation.

Option: Add Lingam/Yoni massage (30mins. more).
Duration: 60 mins.
Additional information: The Vichy Shower consists of 5 to 7 showers, correctly positioned along the points of the Chakras.

Desire Scotish Bath

Water jet technique triggered by a hose with different formats of water diffusion. The temperature varies from cold to warm. Decongests and tones the tissues, providing energy and well-being to your body.

Option: 1 to 2 topless therapists.
Duration: 30 mins.



Turkish Bath

Slimming Blanket

A thermal blanket that wraps around your body. Its benefits are to regulate metabolism, improve blood circulation, hydration and skin elasticity. Eliminates toxins and relaxes muscles.